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Payment with a credit card

Payment with VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, BELCARD credit cards through Assist Belarus

When booking a room on the official hotel website and paying for hotel services you accept these Rules.

Internet payment is made on-line immediately after booking. The cards suitebale for execution of financial transactions are as follows: cards of VISA (all types), MasterCard (including Maestro), UnionPay and BELCARD international payment systems.

When choosing payment with a credit card, payment processing (including entering a credit card number) is performed by LLC «Electronic payments Assist» by means of software-hardware complex of Assist Belarus electronic payment system, which has passed international certification.

The security of payments system uses the secure TLS protocol to transfer confidential information from the client to the server and further processing in the processing center. It means that confidential data of a client (card details, registration data, etc.) do not arrive in the Internet resource. Data processing is completely protected. Nobody can receive personal and bank details of a client. In addition, when processing payments with a credit card the following safe 3d-secure technologies are used: Visa Secure for VISA, MasterCard ID Check for MasterCard, UnionPay 3-D Secure for UnionPay and BELCARD Internet Password for BELCARD.

Payment procedure:

  1. Choose online payment with a credit card.
  2. After clicking "Confirm and pay" button the system will direct you to the website of the provider of electronic payments belassist.by which ensures the security of payments. The authorization server establishes connection with a client over the protected TLS Protocol and accepts the parameters of the client’s bank card (card number, card expiration date, card holder's name in transcription as it is indicated on a credit card, as well as CVC2 or CVV2 number indicated on the back of a card). Online payment with a credit card is absolutely confidential and safe.
  3. Your personal data and card details are not entered in our website pages. They are entered in the authorization page of the payment system. The access to this data is carried out through the TLS Protocol of secure data transmission. The technologies of secure Internet payments such as VisaSecure, MasterCard ID Check, UnionPay 3-D Secure and BELCARD Internet Password are applied.

Cards of Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and BELCARD payment systems issued by any banks of the world are accepted for payment. We recommend contact your bank before making payment to make sure that your card can be used for Internet payments.

The reasons for authorization decline may be as follows:

  • There are not enough funds on the credit card to pay for booking/order.
  • The bank, issued the credit card of a client, has set a prohibition for Internet payments.
  • The credit card details entry timed out.
  • The entered data has not been confirmed by you on the payment page, as well as error of data format, etc.

Depending on the reason for authorization decline in order to solve the ussie you can:

  • Apply the bank that issued the card for explanation.
  • Try to make payment with a card issued by another bank if the first one cannot solve the issue.

Hold all the card checks (payment confirmation) that you get after payment execution in order to check with credit card account statement in case of disputable situation.  

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Cancellation of booking and refund procedure

To cancel booking:

  1. Open Booking confirmation letter you have received by e-mail.
  2. Click «Cancel reservation» link. You will be redirected to Booking cancellation module.
  3. Enter Access code (You can find it in your reservation confirmation) and click «View booking details» button.
  4. Click «Cancel reservation» button, then «Continue», then «Cancel my booking».
  5. Reservation cancellation letter will be sent to your e-mail address.

The Rules of Refund at the Metropol Hotel:

  1. Your prepayment will by fully refundable in case you cancel booking not later than 1 (one) day before 12 AM of check-in date. This is with the exception of Non-refundable tariffs. The hotel will receive an automatic letter of reservation cancellation after you pass the procedure of booking cancellation. This will be the base for refund.
  2. The hotel has the right to deduct one (first) day rate in fine in case you cancel booking later than 1 (one) day before 12 AM of check-in date.

Refund will be performed to the credit card you have paid with. Factual crediting of funds to an account may take up to 30 bank days depending on card-issuing bank.